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Steampunk Costumes & Accessories for Halloween

Shop Ladies gear at the official online store of the San Francisco 49ers!

The San Francisco FogCam has been looming over the campus of San Francisco State University, in continual operation since 1994 and is the oldest webcam still in existence ....and we link to it just because that's pretty damn cool.

Patty Mullen - Penthouse to Frankenhooker and Beyond

When I said to my colleague, Geo Brawn, that it looked like Patty Mullen was going to be hard to nail down for an online interview, but would be well worth the efforts to pursue, he replied; "Oh definitely. I mean, c'mon, she was Frankenhooker!" That, she was.

If you're a horror fan, then you undoubtedly know Patty from her iconic title role in Frank Henenlotter's 1990 cult B-horror classic, Frankenhooker. Perhaps you also remember Patty as Penthouse magazine's 1988 Pet of the Year. Some of you have memories of Patty that go even further back to when she was the August 1986 Pet of the Month.

However Patty is remembered first and foremost, she has a select legion of adoring fans. They show up to meet her at horror and comic cons, have her sign Penthouse and (mostly) Frankenhooker memorabilia, ask to her her say "Wanna date!?" and even show her their Frankenhooker tattoos. However, there was long hiatus between the release of the film that made Frankenhooker a household name among horror fans, and Patty's reemergence at horror and comic cons a few years ago. It was a hiatus that was filled with, as Patty puts it; good, bad, and ugly.

For this interview, I got together with Patty through Facebook chat, where she was sweet enough to give very detailed replies to my questions. In fact, her replies were so detailed, she was sometimes one step ahead of my questions and she delved into some of the personal details of her life during her absence from the spotlight. As this goes to press, Patty is slated to appear at Scare-A-Con in Springfield, Massachusetts on June 3rd-5th and is tentatively (not etched in stone yet) slated to make her comeback to acting in Bianca Allaine's Zombinatrix later this year. Above photo courtesy of Patty, herself.

Gorgeous Actress Laurene Landon of Samurai Cop 2: Deadly Vengeance

Tall, leggy and extremely well-built, statuesque blonde actress Laurene Landon has enlivened a bunch of hugely enjoyable movies with her spunky energy, physical dexterity, bubbly, upbeat personality, and considerable sex appeal. She plays Detective Higgins in Gregory Hatanakas's Samurai Cop 2: Deadly Vengeance!

See more of Laurene at:
Her Official Website
Her IMDB Page
Laurene on Twitter

Kate Bennet, the Vampirette of Everdance

The First Empowered Super Horror Heroine

The Character of Kate Bennet was the main protagonist of my first book Everdance: A Blood Story. The creation of such a character came from the simple concept of a character who doesn't know her true strengths, and its not until she's driven to really fend for herself, that she learns who she really is.

Vida Ghaffari at the 2015 Action on Film Festival

Me interviewing Vida Ghaffari for More Horror magazine at the premiere of Natural Born Filmmakers at the 2015 Action on Film Festival last September.

Dawna Lee Heising Interview - Part 2

In this second half of my interview with Dawna Lee Heising, we delve much further into her acting credits, both past and upcoming. After returning to acting a few years ago, Dawna has built up some notable credits on her resume that include roles in Natural Born Filmmakers, Ten Violent Women: Part Two, Garden Party Massacre, and Gregory Hatanaka's Samurai Cop 2: Deadly Vengeance. The last one on that list, Dawna is particularly proud of being a part of due to the people involved on both sides of the camera, of whom she speaks very highly.

The above screen capture on Dawna's very recently released acting reel, shows her as the evil Madame Ans in Jared Masters' upcoming Blood Tulip. Dawna describes it as dramatic film, not a horror, except that she plays a horrific character. Just click to play it and read on for Part 2 of Dawna's exclusive interview with Idol Features.

Dawna Lee Heising Interviews Donna Hamblin

Donna Hamblin is the star of legendary filmmaker Ted V. Mikels' upcoming film Ten Violent Women: Part Two. I play Joanna, who is one of the ten violent women.

The Red Snapper (aka Miss Ruby Tuesday)

Whether known by her real name of Robin Lisa Kelly, her ring name the Red Snapper (among others), or her stage name Ruby Tuesday, this lady has had a colorful life and career under all of her names. Now a hairstylist in Southern California, Ruby (as I'll stick with here) is very open about her past, not that there's any reason for her not to be. She's got some stories to tell, along with some names to drop, and a jaw-dropping photo collection to document her escapades.

Ruby's show biz career began when she was a teenager and got a gig as a regular dancer on American Bandstand, which lasted six years. Then came her stint as the "Red Snapper," during the early-80s, when nightclub mud wrestling was in its heyday. She went on to wrestle under a couple of different ring names and later became an exotic dancer and adult magazine model.

This written interview is being published concurrently with the audio interview Ruby did tonight for Idol Features' podcast channel, where, besides Ruby's, you'll find several other of our audio interviews. Stay tuned for many more, among which will probably be a Part 2 with Ruby, in the near future. Above photo of Ruby as the Red Snapper at the Hollywood Tropicana, circa 1984, is from her personal collection.