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The San Francisco FogCam has been looming over the campus of San Francisco State University, in continual operation since 1994 and is the oldest webcam still in existence ....and we link to it just because that's pretty damn cool.

Tina Krause - Behind the Scenes with Mike James

Actress Tina Krause was featured in my second installment on the models of prominent pinup photographer Mike James. She first shot with Mike in 1997 and has done shoots with him almost every year since. She's appeared with Mike at trade shows and events as the official spokesmodel for Azimuth Design, as well as appeared in print ads for the company. In essence, James Girl Tina is to Azimuth Designs, what Hooters Girl Lynne Austin was to Hooters restaurants.

Friday the 13th Victim, Judy

Throughout the Friday the 13th franchise (except for the first one, of course, since it was mom doing the killing in that one), Jason Voorhees has always been an innovative and resourceful murderer. A prime example of that is this scene from Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood, in which Jason uses the sleeping bag that Judy seemed to think would keep her safe from him if she just tucked her head inside of, as a tool to pummel her against a tree. A little more can be learned about Judy at the Friday the 13th Wikia.

Jennifer Louise Bardsley

Born and raised in Erie, Pennsylvania, Jennifer Louise Bardsley began her modeling career as a Kmart clothing model when she was in her teens ....a gig that didn't exactly cause her to become "bitten by the modeling bug." After a long hiatus away from being in front of a photographer's lens, which included a stint in the US Army, she returned to modeling in 2011 and has since built up an impressive portfolio. Just a few samples of which are included here.

Jennifer decided to branch out into acting three years ago with student films and in 2014, she landed a part in Len Kabasinski's Blood Mercury. Obviously impressed with her acting skills, Len subsequently cast Jennifer in his recent film Angel of Reckoning (which stars Donna Hamblin), and she is now slated to be a part of Len's upcoming, Hellcat's Revenge. She's also currently part of the cast of the Erie-based comedy-horror TV series, SPOOKS. Above photo courtesy of Jennifer, herself.

May 5 interview with Jennifer Louise Bardsley

Suicide Girls Blackheart Burlesque

The Suicide Girls' 2016 Blackheart Burlesque tour was slated for a performance at O'Brians Event Centre on Sunday May 1 in Saskatoon, Canada, but because of an "absurd adult services bylaw" in the city of Saskatoon , the show was cancelled. (Article here) However, the tour's next stop was the Garrick Centre in Winnipeg, where the ladies performed last night (as this goes to press), to a sold out house.

There has never been a Suicide Girl, past, current, or former, who has been featured here but we'll make efforts to end that spell in the near future. The Suicide Girls Blackheart Burlesque tour will continue throughout the rest of this year. Check the schedule at their official website to see when they'll be in your city.

Samantha Christianson Does Pinhead

In the above video, Winnipeg-based makeup artist Samantha Christianson demonstrates her remarkable skills as she transforms herself into a horrific-yet-sexy female version of the iconic Pinhead from the Hellraiser film franchise. This is also Sam's official entry into the 2016 NYX FACE Awards (Like and comment on this video at her Youtube channel).

After all the submissions are reviewed, the top 30 finalists will be announced on May 2. NYX will reveal the first challenge for those top 30 on May 6. From May 20-27, fans will then get to vote for their favorite and the top 20 vote-getters will go on to the next phase of the competition. See the NYX FACE Awards official site for the full details and it goes without saying that Sam will be getting Idol Features' votes and endorsement, all along the way to August 20, when the field will be narrowed to six and a live vote will be held determine the overall winner.

What would have been Erika Smith's interview

Actress and model Erika Smith was featured here in July of 2014, in a compilation piece on the models of a prominent pin-up photographer. When I contacted Erika about a solo interview two months ago, she immediately agreed and we decided that e-mail would probably be the most convenient way to conduct it. It's also the most likely way to add another to the Incomplete Interview file, but I honestly didn't think this had a strong chance of being one.

To summarize; by mid-March, it seemed like replies to my questions didn't seem likely, and in an effort to avoid inclusion into the "Incomplete Interview" file (where we are now) an offer for a "one-question" interview was made and accepted. The one question was sent, but not replied to. Instead, Erika sent me her reasons (which were appreciated and none to do with yours truly or this site) for ultimately deciding not to do an interview, after all.

I would thank Erika for wasting my time, but since I'm publishing my questions, so they'll at least be seen, if not answered, my time wasn't entirely wasted. Enjoy the following questions Erika Smith decided not to answer.

Donna Hamblin - A Closer Look

Despite having appeared in such films as Cauldron: Baptism of Blood, Mark of the Astro-Zombies, and Blood Reunion 3: Hunters, Donna Hamblin isn't fond of the dark, being covered in fake blood, and to this day, can't sit thought The Exorcist. However, she puts all that aside and always gives 100% when doing a scene in a horror movie.

A favorite of acclaimed cult filmmaking guru, Ted V. Mikels, Donna has appeared in several of Ted's films and is slated to appear in more, including the highly anticipated Ten Violent Women Part 2. She'll also be starring in Len Kabasinski's upcoming Angel of Reckoning, along with Scream Queen icon Deborah Dutch. Len, another director who's recognized Donna's talents, also cast her in his 2014 action sci-fi film, Blood Mercury, also along with Deborah.

Last November, during the making of Ten Violent Women Part 2, Donna was interviewed by her fellow actress Dawna Lee Heising, which we featured here. Knowing Donna deserved a closer look, she graciously gave this exclusive interview to Idol Features, where, besides her acting roles, we cover some other topics, such as the charitable causes she's involved with in Las Vegas, the city she's called home for most of her life. Above photo of Donna and Ratzy-Rue courtesy of Donna, herself.

March 21, 2016 interview with Donna Hamblin

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