November 22, 2014

(What would have been Chrissie Wunna's Interview)

I thought an interview with model and actress Chrissie Wunna would have been a fun and entertaining piece. I don't even remember how I first heard of her but she was one of the contestants on the "reality" show Paris Hilton's British Best Friend. I didn't see it, but after checkinh out its Wikipedia page, I assumed Chrissie definitely wouldn't be one to pass on any free publicity, so I asked her if she'd be willing to do an interview for this site. She replied to my message and accepted the offer, but unfortunately and despite my efforts, it didn't end up happening. Anyway, enjoy the following unanswered questions.

November 18, 2014

Amelia Gotham in Mannequin

The 2013 short Mannequin from Cowmaster Studios is testimonial to the interesting things apartment dwellers can find discarded by their fellow tenants. Of course, it's unclear if the mannequin was discarded by someone, or perhaps, escaped from a department store and was just hanging out at the complex's trash area (since it's a place visited often and by every resident there), in hopes someone would take her into their apartment.

For whatever reason the mannequin was there, when the lovely resident (played by Amelia Gotham) just snapped a photo of the mysterious figure and walked away, it apparently pissed off the living doll. The ending leaves the viewer guessing the outcome. As for Amelia, find out more on her at her official website.

November 16, 2014

(What would have been Megan Sacco's interview)

Megan Sacco is the founder and CEO of Lady Haunter Management, which is an independent film company that works to support local charities in the Boston area. Hers would have made for an interesting interview, if it would have happened. It didn't but, since I'm not going to let my good questions go unseen (even though they may go unanswered), here they are. Of course, at left would have been a photo of Megan and credit for that photo would have been written here.

November 13, 2014

Ijeoma Aniebo in 6:30pm

As I was watching the Nigerian short film 6:30pm I kept saying, "this is gonna be good," since I was anticipating a shocking and climatic ending to a very suspenseful 9 minutes and 40 seconds. What I got instead was (SEMI-SPOILER ALERT) an anticlimactic ending that made me say "huh?" "so, that's it?" and "did I miss something??"

November 8, 2014

(What would have been Angela Tropea's interview)

I've decided to make November "Incomplete Interview Month," in which I'll be publishing my half of scheduled interviews that didn't pan out. If I take the time and effort to do research on someone who's agreed to be interviewed for a feature here, and that lady simply doesn't hold up her end of the agreement, I'll be damned if I'll let my good questions go to waste. So to kick off "Incomplete Interview Month," here's my half of what would have been the published interview with Texas-based actress Angela Tropea. At left is where Angel's photo would have been and I would have given credit to the photographer here.

October 31, 2014

Avery Misuraca

I first spoke with Avery Misuraca when I was interviewing "James Girls" for this article featured here last July, in which Avery was definitely a part of. If the dark hair, dark eyes, and deep voice with the slight Jersey accent weren't enough, finding out Avery was one of the official Vampirella models was all I needed to ask her for an interview for a spotlight feature of her own.

Besides capturing one of the most definitive looks (as evident at left) of Vampirella, when she posed as the character for Harris Comics, Avery later created her own sexy horroresque character in the form of the beautiful Countess Vladimira, whose comic book was published by Peregrine Entertainment.

Behind the dark personas of Vampirella, Countess Vladimira, and Morticia Addams, whom she also did a brief stint as, Avery is a real down-to-earth sweetheart. One of her passions since she was a child is animal welfare and she's actively involved in Fur and Feather Animal Sanctuary, who rescue and raise awareness about neglected and abused animals.

It was my pleasure to recently speak with Avery (and listen to that sexy Jersey accent) for this exclusive interview and it's no coincidence that this goes to press on her favorite holiday, which of course is Halloween. (Photo credit: Terry Sanders)

October 28, 2014

Kerry Finlayson in Bedfellows

Drew Daywalt's 2008 horror short Bedfellows is very short, very simple, and awesomely terrifying. It stars Kerry Finlayson, who's a seasoned actress and no stranger to fright films. Learn more about her at her official website.

I felt the already-very-short short, would be even more frightening if it were even shorter, so the above is a shortened 1:15 version (including titles and credits) of the original 1:30 film, that you can see here and then decide for yourself which is more frightening.

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