August 20, 2014

Carli Bei

(The following is the June interview Carli did with Tom Heckbert of the now-defunct website It's being re-published here with Tom and Carli's permission.)

Carli Bei is one of the newest anchors on Naked News. For those who do not know, Naked News, billing itself as "the program with nothing to hide," is a subscription website featuring a real television newscast. The show is filmed in Toronto and airs 25-minute episodes, 6 days per week. The gorgeous, all-female cast delivers the news fully nude or while removing their clothes.

A very short time after starting at Naked News, Carli has become one of the most popular anchors due to her on-screen personality, reporting skills and of course, she’s easy on the eyes. Naked News anchors cover regular news such as current events, business news, tech, travel, TV, music, dumb criminals, and more. There are also interviews, and a regular "Versus" segment where the anchors compete with each other at various tasks like hockey, sumo, and darts with often hysterical results. Naked News anchors travel occasionally to cover events like Hedonism Jamaica or the AVN awards.

August 11, 2014

Welcome to My Darkside - Women in Horror Documentary

Slated for release in November, Last Doorway Productions' documentary Welcome to My Darkside, features interviews and commentary from 35 talented ladies who've made names for themselves in the horror genre. Their characters have been on the giving, as well as the receiving ends of murder weapons of choice, and they have worked on both sides of the camera.

Reyna Young, the lady behind Last Doorway, actually began compiling the interviews in 2008 and had the final cut completed the following year. However, the film just recently got distribution (from World Wide Multi Media), after what Reyna called a "wild ride." She conducted some of the interviews herself, and those ladies who filmed their own footage and sent it in to her, were credited as doing so.

Official poster, created by World Wide Multi Media.
The model gracing the poster, does not appear in the
documentary and WWMM may not even know her
 name as they weren't able to provide it to Reyna.
However, my search is on to ID her.
"More women are asking me to do another one" says Reyna, and it's no wonder. A growing number of actresses, as well as female writers, directors, and producers have been making their marks in the male-dominated horror industry, particularly in recent years. One would think that most females in the biz would be flattered and jump at the chance to be a part of a documentary like this, and most would, but not all. Reyna told me of one who passed on the opportunity. "One woman thought my documentary was a joke and said 'no' to it because I couldn't travel to her her city to interview her. She said my doc would never work, having women mail in their footage, because of sound issues, etc. Yeah (there were), some (issues), but you can get away with some stuff when it's a documentary and I got it done!" The actress who declined to be a part of this production (and who will remain nameless here) will need to chalk it up as her loss but I assume Reyna will be sending her a signed copy of the DVD.

If a female listing of who's who of indie horror were compiled, it would be a long and ever-growing list and all of the following 35 ladies who appear in Welcome to My Darkside, would surely be on it. They are: Susan Adriensen, Kimberly Amato, Bianca Barnett, Amy Lynn Best, Sarah Brock, April Monique Burril, Heidi Burrowes, Christa Campbell, Judy Cerda, Victoria De Mare, Kelly Devoto, Monique Dupree, Darla Enlow, Michelle Fatale, Sarah French (credited in the film as Scarlet Salem), Mary "Gaby" Goff, Dai Green, Rachel Grubb, Nina Kemph, Adrienne King, Nicole Kruex, Shannon Lark, Brooke Lewis, Lynn Lowry, Heidi Martinuzzi, Elske McCain, Ms. Monster, Seregon O'Dassey, Priscilla Ozuna, Dana Pike, Michelle Tomlinson, Maureen "Mo" Whelan, Nicole Williams, Tucky Williams, and of course, Reyna Young hosting as her alter ego, Miss Misery.

July 30, 2014

James Girls

Artist and photographer Mike James has been capturing gorgeous ladies with his camera, pen, and sculptures for nearly 20 years. Every image he publishes are just as much illustrations as they are photographs. Featuring out-of-this-world sexy models in outfits that he often creates himself, the ladies' poses and themes range from the outrageous to the the fairly mundane. Of course, seeing ladies looking like this doing everyday tasks such as cooking breakfast or doing the laundry seems inconceivable, which is all part of Mike's unique style.

A pioneer in the resin sculpture field, Mike's figurines are consider the finest of their kind. Not mass produced, the characters are his own original creations that he carefully crafts himself to maintain quality. As for his work with a brush, some of his pin-up girls can be found on video cover art, speedboats, and even a professional lacrosse goalie's helmet.

I recently contacted Mike and asked him if he would tell me a little about some of his lovely models, whom he's dubbed "James Girls," to which he happily obliged. (I can't say the ladies in this article are his favorite models, because all the models he regularly shoots are his favorites, he tells me.) Of course, wanting to hear from the other side of Mike's camera lens, I also asked several of the James Girls what it's like to do a shoot with Mr. James. After hearing their replies, it's no wonder that most of the ladies who did their first shoot with Mike over a decade ago, still pose for him today. Above is one of those ladies, top Hollywood stuntwoman Jasi Lanier, from one of her most recent shoots with Mike, entitled "Caged Legs."

July 20, 2014

Ursula Taherian for Shiny Suds

Despite the title of this piece, the above 2009 commercial featuring actress Ursula Taherian is not for Shiny Suds bathroom cleaner. Shiny Suds doesn’t even exist. This is a faux commercial-within-a-commercial for Method’s safe and environmentally-friendly cleaning products. The fictitious Shiny Suds and its wonderfully-perverted bubbles are to illustrate Method’s message regarding the “dirty” and “dangerous” chemicals most household cleaning products contain and leave behind.

This ad was banned by many TV stations due to complaints over you-know-what by you-know-whom and was eventually pulled by Method for the same reason. To see more of Ursula (but not as much as the bubbles saw ….especially right after she dropped the loofa at the end), check out her official website.

July 10, 2014

Destiny Soria

Born in Savannah, Georgia, actress and model Destiny Sonia lived for several years during her youth in Frankfurt, Germany, where her father was stationed while in the US Army. After returning to the States, she lived in Texas for a while before moving to Red Wing, Minnesota, which was where she made her acting debut in a 2009 comedy entitled Entr'Acte. Her subsequent film credits now number over 60 with over two dozen currently in various stages of production.

Besides acting, Destiny is a formally-trained dancer, skilled in a wide range of styles, from tango to hip-hop. Her modeling shoots include unique concepts that show she has a love for wildlife, particularly wolves. Said Destiny; "I love wolves. The loyalty and love they have."

Now calling Hollywood home, Destiny is also often actively involved in worthwhile community organizations. One of which is the recently established LCULA (Let's Clean Up Los Angeles), whose participants hit the streets of LA to literally clean them up and they're soon to be starting an employment program for the city's homeless and disabled. Above photo of Destiny and Sage the timberwolf taken in Pasadena by Major Carter.

July 4, 2014

Carly Capra Lights up the 4th of July

Since my interview with Carly Capra last October, the Texas-based actress has kept pretty busy. Among her recent projects that are currently in post production is Michael Crum's Allegiance of Powers where she's been cast as a girl with supernatural powers, similar to telekinesis, that allow her to move throw, and collide objects. Slated to be released in September, Carly says of the film; "The movie is filled with messages; action, sex appeal, humor, deception, gore and major special effects. They even incorporate comic book-like scenes into the movie. No one in the indie industry has made a movie like this."

She's currently filming Jim DeVault's Blood Reunion 2: Madeline, which is the second part of of a trilogy. It's also scheduled to be released later this year and like the first part, the storyline features the main characters returning to their childhood home, where some may meet their ends. Carly says of her character Izzy; "She’s a sexy young girl who may or may not make it out alive. This is one of the sexiest roles I’ve played."

Also a former member of the Cowtown Hotties promotions and bikini team, Carly still does occasional photo shoots. One of the most notable recent ones being a Nightmare on Elm Street homage with photographer Jeremy Campbell in which Carly portrayed a sexy female Freddy Kruger, minus the burns. She's also featured in Malevolent Magazine #3, which is having its release party the day after this goes to press. Above photo courtesy of Carly herself.

June 28, 2014

Luna Lee on Gayageum

Above is gayageum virtuoso Luna Lee (known professionally as simply "Luna") covering the guitar solos from the 1976 Eagles classic "Hotel California" with such perfection, it would surely make Don Felder and Joe Walsh proud.

The Korean National University of Arts graduate has been studying the traditional Korean instrument since childhood, and also teaches traditional music to elementary school students. According to an April 2013 interview Luna did with the Korea Times, she began experimenting with American-style blues after a guitarist friend introduced her to the song "Tender Surrender," by Stevie Ray Vaughan. In the interview, Luna was quoted as saying the "gayageum has a technique called nong-hyun, which is quite similar to bending on the guitar, but nong-hyun can go further. It really has a dynamic range. This makes the gayageum perfect for playing the blues."

To date, her Youtube channel has nearly 3 million views and it features her versions of such other popular American rock songs as Santo and Johnny's "Sleepwalk," Joe Satriani's "Starry Night" and Bob Dylan's "All Along the Watchtower" (which is more popularly known from Jimi Hendrix's version). Also check out her Facebook fan page.

June 23, 2014

Tara Cardinal at Florida Supercon

The Red Reaper herself, Tara Cardinal will be appearing at Florida Supercon in Miami from July 3rd-6th. The gorgeous redheaded actress, stuntwoman, and producer will be on hand for the screening of her films Legend Of The Red Reaper and Scarlet Samurai: Incarnation. Afterwards, she'll be taking part in panel discussions with fellow indie filmmakers Kaare Andrews and Lloyd Kaufman. Also on her schedule will a sword fighting demo with her martial arts master.

Of course, Tara will be meeting fans and signing her Legend of the Red Reaper novel and DVDs, which will be available for sale. Reliable sources tell me Tara also may have something special in store for Red Reaper fans who show up at the event. Full details of Tara's schedule are at Florida Supercon's official website.

Above is the shot of Tara that graces the first page of her feature in this month's issue of BTS Book Reviews, that you can read online. (She's featured on pages 4, 13-19, and 164-167.) Also check out my April 2012 feature with Tara.
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