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The San Francisco FogCam has been looming over the campus of San Francisco State University, in continual operation since 1994 and is the oldest webcam still in existence ....and we link to it just because that's pretty damn cool.

Film Director Chandra Gerson

Chandra Gerson started out in show biz doing extra work in front of the camera, which led to her taking acting classes at the famed Lee Strasberg acting school. However, Chandra soon found that her true passion in films, was working behind the camera. She subsequently founded her own production company, Kitnkat Productions, in 2009, and has since produced some award-willing shorts, as well as one feature length film, a 2015 psychological drama entitled Book of Choices, which will be shown at the Delhi Women's International Film Festival in India this October. She also produced a fun documentary on the 40th anniversary of Knott's Scary Farm, the horror attraction of the famous Knott's Berry Farm, where Chandra has been regular visitor for years.

Last month, Chandra attended the annual Marché du Film ("Film Market") in Cannes, where three of her short films were shown: Burning Distortion (2012), a story about a man's dark side coming to light, Salvation of One (2014), about a young man who gets out of the mob and wants to right his wrongs, and A Gracious War (2014), about a police detective who finds out he has much more in common with a suspect he's interrogating, than he thought. Hear more about her aforementioned works, as well as more about Chandra herself, in her recent interview with Idol Features. Above photo by Carrie Cavalier.

June 10, 2016 interview with Chandra Gerson

Nadia White

I first heard of Nadia White last year, when I was doing a piece on Bianca Allaine's then-recently announced comedy-horror film Zombinatrix. Nadia was listed in the cast when the film first hit IMDb, and that was reinforced by Bianca in her first video promo for the film. However, whatever agreement was made  for Nadia to appear in Zombinatrix, fell through months ago. Judging from Nadia's on-camera performances, in which she shows she's definitely not one to shy away from physically demanding scenes, in both her adult and horror films, it's Zombinatrix's loss.

Even though the Baltimore-area native is still active in the adult industry (doing strictly fetish films now, she tells me), Nadia has made the transition from "porn star" to actress. With titles like Milfs vs. Zombies, Radioactive Flesh Eating Foliage, and Return to Nuke 'Em High Volume 2 to her credits, she's been making quite a name for herself in the indie horror industry over the past year. She recently finished filming her scenes for Shawn Burkett's Don't Fuck in the Woods, and has a good list of upcoming films she'll be appearing in that are slated for release throughout this and next year. Above photo courtesy of Steve Webb.

Rachael Robbins - Behind the Scenes with Mike James

At my request, my friend, esteemed pinup photographer Mike James, once again delved into his photo archives to come up with some candid, behind-the-scenes shots of another one of the lovely ladies who's worked with him over the last several years.

Rachael Robbins, who was included in my first James Girls feature and a subsequent solo interview, has compiled a long and impressive modeling and acting resume that includes Playboy magazine to, more recently, her outstanding performance as the leader of the Van Houten sisters in Ken Del Vecchio's horror Bleeding Hearts. The above 2007 shot of Rachael relaxing while Mike was setting up for a shoot, as well as all of the following photos, are being published here for the first time, anywhere.

Deborah Funes

Actress and model Deborah Funes began her career performing in elementary school plays, in her native Argentina, where she acted to an audience of teachers, parents, and nuns. As an adult, she  began modeling professionally at 18 and went on to appear in television commercials and popular shows on Latin TV before moving to the US. Now calling Miami home, Deborah has appeared in several independent films, alongside some big names in the industry, while garnishing quite a name for herself. Her growing list of credits include a lead role in Jim DeVault's Jebadiah's Axe, as well as prominent roles in Joe Hollow's Disciples and Lawrence W. Nelson's You Found Me.

Probably the most noteworthy of Deborah's accomplishments, wasn't before the camera. Two years ago, doctors found a cancerous tumor in her breast. Despite recommendations from her doctors to undergo conventional treatments, which involved chemotherapy, Deborah recovered using natural remedies. After a long road and dedication to her course of action, in March of this year, she is cancer free and the tumor is almost completely gone. She's currently working on a film based on her experiences and her healing process entitled Touch My Heart. Read on to learn more on this and other topics covered in Deborah's exclusive interview with Idol Features. Above photo by Dmitry Chernomazov.

Tina Krause - Behind the Scenes with Mike James

Actress Tina Krause was featured in my second installment on the models of prominent pinup photographer Mike James. She first shot with Mike in 1997 and has done shoots with him almost every year since. She's appeared with Mike at trade shows and events as the official spokesmodel for Azimuth Design, as well as appeared in print ads for the company. In essence, James Girl Tina is to Azimuth Designs, what Hooters Girl Lynne Austin was to Hooters restaurants.

Friday the 13th Victim, Judy

Throughout the Friday the 13th franchise (except for the first one, of course, since it was mom doing the killing in that one), Jason Voorhees has always been an innovative and resourceful murderer. A prime example of that is this scene from Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood, in which Jason uses the sleeping bag that Judy seemed to think would keep her safe from him if she just tucked her head inside of, as a tool to pummel her against a tree. A little more can be learned about Judy at the Friday the 13th Wikia.

Jennifer Louise Bardsley

Born and raised in Erie, Pennsylvania, Jennifer Louise Bardsley began her modeling career as a Kmart clothing model when she was in her teens ....a gig that didn't exactly cause her to become "bitten by the modeling bug." After a long hiatus away from being in front of a photographer's lens, which included a stint in the US Army, she returned to modeling in 2011 and has since built up an impressive portfolio. Just a few samples of which are included here.

Jennifer decided to branch out into acting three years ago with student films and in 2014, she landed a part in Len Kabasinski's Blood Mercury. Obviously impressed with her acting skills, Len subsequently cast Jennifer in his recent film Angel of Reckoning (which stars Donna Hamblin), and she is now slated to be a part of Len's upcoming, Hellcat's Revenge. She's also currently part of the cast of the Erie-based comedy-horror TV series, SPOOKS. Above photo courtesy of Jennifer, herself.

May 5 interview with Jennifer Louise Bardsley

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