August 14, 2010

Asian Cheerleaders of the NFL

The National Football League Kickoff game next month will mark the beginning of the 2010 NFL season, so after checking some of the teams' player rosters for this upcoming season, I decided to check all of the the teams' cheerleader rosters.

Of the 25 NFL teams that have official cheerleading squads (7 teams don't), I did find several Asian ladies among the members, one being Duyen (above), who proudly high kicks and shakes her pom poms for the Houston Texans.

While doing my research, I was disappointed to find that former Oakland Raiderettes Tiffany and Cyrina (above) were no longer with the squad. However, even though I wanted this entry to be only on current cheerleaders, they deserve a mention here since I fondly recall meeting them in 2006 when the visited Korea for an Armed Forces Entertainment show. Me with Cyrina here.

Note: There may be some other current NFL cheerleaders who are part-Asian that I haven't included in this entry because, since I really couldn't put a finger on all of their ethnicities, and they usually don't list them or their family names on their bios, I "played it by eye" and decided to only include ladies here that are unmistakably Asian.

Cincinnati Ben-Gal, Sunny 

Kaoruko Horiike of the Denver Bronco's cheerleading squad, who are simply
called the "Denver Broncos Cheerleaders," and have been in existence since
1993. Denver's last prior squad, the "Pony Express" disbanded in 1978 after
several members posed topless for a Playboy magazine pictorial. Kaoruko
wasn't included on the squad's recently-updated 2010 roster, so she
may now be a former Denver Broncos Cheerleader.

Miami Dolphins Cheerleader Truly Chin is in her rookie year with the squad.

Self-confessed video game junkie Jennie is in her second season with
the Oakland Raiderettes.

Rookie Raiderette Holly also works as a flight attendant for Virgin America.

Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleader Alicia

Taiwanese-born San Diego Charger Girl, Tiffany

Chris of the Gold Rush, the San Francisco 49ers' squad

Seattle Sea Gal Shelly, who's starting her 7th year with the squad

The "junior" of the two Asian Sea Gals, Tiffany

Tomoko Kojima is a member of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Cheerleaders,
who were nicknamed the "Swash-Buc-Lers" up until 1999.

Korean-born Valerie of the Tennessee Titans Cheerleaders

Noriko of the Washington Redskins' squad, who are referred to by
fans as the "First Ladies of Football"


  1. No poll so we can pick our fave?

    1. Late reply is better than no reply, so; no poll here but there is here:

  2. Lovely ladies. Too bad my NY Giants don't even have cheerleaders.

  3. I don't know if Chris is still with the squad - but we will see the Gold Rush in Super Bowl XLVII!!

    1. According to their current roster, Chris isn't with the squad anymore, but you're right: We sure will see them and the 49ers in the Super Bowl!

  4. Looks like Valerie is no longer with my team's girls, the Titans Cheerleaders.

    1. Since this article is three years old, it's a safe bet that most of these ladies are now former cheerleaders.

  5. We wondered if there were any Asian cheerleader's in the NFL during yesterday's Super Bowl. Thanks for answering our question!!


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